Above Ground Pool Opening

Pool Opening Services

At MCM Pool Service, everything is done with the future in mind and steps are taken so that future service, maintenance and overall appearance of your pool is considered. Top cover debris will not be left to just fall into your pool, and will be removed prior. Removed closing parts will be neatly put away. The filter will be installed and thoroughly tested. All gaskets and threads will receive new lubrication and teflon where needed. We will not leave the site until the system is free of leaks and all questions have been answered.

Prior to our arrival, water must be drained off the pool cover (does not apply to mesh covers), and water must be added to the pool half way up the skimmer. This will ensure our ability to check the filter for leaks and remove the debris from on top of your cover.

Filter Cleaning

If your filter was not chemically cleaned before it was put away last season, it may have organics, suntan lotions, oils, chemical residue, and other things clogging the system. We recommend chemically cleaning a filter twice a season, or as needed. We offer a chemical cleansing service if requested.

Salt Cell Cleaning

If your salt cell was not given a chemical bath during the closing, it may have a build up of calcium and other debris. These can harm the cell and cause premature failure, which is an expensive replacement. We offer a chemical cleansing of the inside components of your cell during the opening if requested.

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