In-ground Pool Closing

Pool Closing Process

At MCM Pool Service, over the years we have compiled the best ways to close your pool. No job is left to uncertainty. Everything is checked over prior to leaving the pool. Water is brought to the correct level. All lines, filters, pumps, heaters, etc will be blown out and plugged. The main drains air locked, filters completely disassembled and cleaned, anti-freeze added to underground pipes, and the cover completely secured.

Closed In-ground Pool


A pool should be clear and clean before closing it down for the season. This will help with organic and mineral staining, as well as opening up clear next season. MCM Pool Service offers professional vacuuming prior to putting the cover on. Even if your filter system has been disassembled for the season, we bring our own custom made vacuuming system to make sure that it can be as clean as possible. When booking your closing, please let us know if you would like this added service.

Filter Cleaning

If your filter was not chemically cleaned in the recent weeks, it may have organics, suntan lotions, oils, chemical residue, and other things clogging the system. We recommend chemically cleaning a filter twice a season, or as needed. We offer a chemical cleansing service if requested.

Salt Cell Cleaning

If your salt cell was not given a chemical bath in the recent weeks, it may have a build up of calcium and other debris. These can harm the cell and cause premature failure, which is an expensive replacement. We offer a chemical cleansing of the inside components of your cell during the closing if requested.

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